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Boston Fed Announces Members of 2020 Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

Feb 26, 2020 -  Ledyard National Bank is pleased to announce that Kathy Underwood, President & CEO, has been appointed to the Federal Reserve’s First District Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council (CDIAC).  The CDIAC’s members represent the six states in New England and provide a diverse perspective on the economy, lending conditions and other issues facing community banks, credit unions and thrift institutions.  One of five new members, Ms. Underwood will share information, offer advice and make recommendations to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s representatives.

Ms. Underwood had previously served two terms on the Boston Fed’s nine member board and was the Chair of the Fed Board’s audit committee.  Regarding this appointment, Kathy stated, “I am so thrilled to be serving on the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s First District Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council.  In this role, I will have the opportunity to work with an extremely talented group of bankers across our region.  I look forward to continuing to help our industry grow, while advocating for new and additional ways to make our client's lives easier and more efficient.  I look forward to being part of the solution.”

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