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Pre-register for our new online banking platform today

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KwikNET Intro

Our on-line banking service allows you to:

  • View updated balances and transactions, including up to 18 months of account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Export account information into Quicken or other popular software
  • Stop payments (regular stop payment fees apply)
  • View cleared check copies
  • Send secure messages to client services
  • Send account notifications to your email address and/or designated telephone
  • Access user options to customize or modify areas of your Internet banking session
  • Re-order checks
  • Receive e-statements
  • Establish and execute ACH interbank transfers

KwikPAY Bill Payment

With our bill payment service for personal or business banking, you can:

  • Pay anyone, anytime, from anywhere.
  • Schedule your payment dates in advance
  • Schedule recurring payments for bills that are the same amount every month
  • View payment history
  • Edit or delete scheduled payments any time before a payment is processed
  • Receive e-bill statements from payees

Personal Financial Management – Ledyard Link

Now it is easier than ever to manage your personal finances, with the help of Ledyard Link from Ledyard National Bank. Over the years, Ledyard has consistently delivered products and services to establish meaningful long-term partnerships with our clients. That’s what Plan Well Live Well is all about. A key to planning well is an understanding of how each piece of your personal financial picture interacts with the whole. 

With Ledyard Link you can view all your accounts such as checking, savings, credit cards, 401ks, mortgages and investments from over 11,000 institutions. It gives you a consolidated view of all your finances and the power to easily manage and track your accounts – all on one website.  From a financial planning standpoint, it even provides users with the ability to categorize, track and forecast expenses.     

Log in to your KwikNET account to get started! If you are not yet enrolled in KwikNET, please click here to start experiencing the simplicity and convenience today.

To learn more about Ledyard Link’s great features:


KwikNet Consumer Interbank Transfers

This service is available for individual clients (personal accounts) to subscribe to within Ledyard National Bank’s KwikNet online banking system. It enables personal subscribers to initiate deposits and/or withdrawals between their Ledyard banking accounts and accounts at other financial institutions (FIs) in which they have the authority to conduct such transactions.

During initial setup, a process called “Micro Deposit” verifies account ownership at the other FI by creating two random deposits in amounts under $1.00 to the other FI that must be confirmed by the subscriber to complete the enrollment.

Available Accounts

Transfers may be made from or to Ledyard National Bank checking or savings accounts, but not loans or certificates of deposit (CDs).

Transfers also may be made to or from checking accounts at other FIs, and possibly savings accounts. Subscribers will need to check with the other FI to ensure that Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are allowed to savings accounts, as some FIs do not allow this. Transfers to or from loans or CDs are not supported.


  • Transfers out of Ledyard to other FIs - $3.00 per transfer
  • Transfers from other FIs into Ledyard – Free


Clients using this service must have established account relationships with the Bank and be subscribed to KwikNet. Micro Deposits are limited to accounts at other financial institutions held in the client’s name or where the client is an authorized signatory on the account.

The external account(s) must either be owned by the client, or be one on which they are an authorized signer. The external banking account must also be located in the United States (an ABA routing number is required for the service).

This service is available for personal accounts only. Businesses wishing to set their accounts up for ACH services use a separate, more traditional ACH facility. Please contact us for more details. 

System Requirements

Recommended Minimum User Hardware and Connection

  • Standard PC or Mac (Pentium IV/1 GHz processor or higher/500  Mb RAM or greater)
  • Microsoft® Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/7 or Mac OS-X
  • Cable, DSL or ISDN Internet connection (dial-up supported for basic consumer users only)*
  • Supported browser for consumer and commercial users (see below for Supported Browsers)
  • Security, anti-virus and Spyware updates applied (Trend Micro, Symantec/Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky)
  • A valid email address and telephone number

*Note: Satellite cable connections often have difficulty supporting encrypted (HTTPS) applications. Because online banking is HTTPS encrypted for the safety of your financial information, some satellite cable connections may exhibit slow response.

Supported Browsers by Operating System

The following browsers have been tested and determined to provide reliable user experience for Online Banking. Some of these browsers may show minor behavioral or cosmetic differences for Online Banking, but generally support the use of the retail and commercial banking application and functionality. It is always recommended to use the latest browser version available from the provider.

Microsoft Operating Systems

Browser Current Version Download Location
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.x, 8.x, 9.x
Firefox 3.6, 4.x
AOL Browser 9 SE
Safari 5.x
Chrome 11.x

Mac Operating Systems

Browser Current Version Download Location
Firefox 3.6, 4.x
AOL Browser 10.3.x
Safari 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
Chrome 11.x

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